Wheel Alignment and Tyre Fitting

We can provide wheel alignment servicing and replacement tyres

Wheel Alignment and Tyre Fitting Wheel Alignment and Tyre Fitting

Whether it’s bumping on kerbs, hitting potholes, or simple wear and tear, most wheels will eventually need to be adjusted at some point. With wheel alignment or tracking, you’re guaranteed to drive away with a safer car. You will also reduce the wear on your tyres, saving you more money in the long run.

Re-aligning wheels is a relatively quick job, and so should not be feared or put off! If it feels like your wheels are pulling to one side while driving, then you may need to have them realigned and you should contact us. Having your wheels aligned will also minimise tyre wear and improve the safety of your car. Our laser wheel alignment system gives us a comprehensive diagnostic analysis and produces a printed report, so you can clearly see if any measurements need correcting or not.

Wheel alignment creates a safer and more efficient car driving experience saving you money on replacement tyres and vastly improving your safety

Tyre fitting, inspection and replacement tyres

No matter the variety of tyres you need, at Stephen Byram Motor Engineers we use products from leading brands and the manufacturer recommended tyres for your car. If you need new tyres, it is most common that you’ve done the recommended mileage for the tyres and they are simply well used. But it may be a sign of an underlying issue with your car, such as wheel alignment or brakes. Because of this, it is important to get your tyres checked regularly, or as soon as you feel anything different about your driving experience or notice worn thread on your tyres.

There is also a legal requirement for tyre thread. It must be deeper than 1.6mm or you’ll face points on your licence and a fine. This is because if your tyres don’t have the right tread you won’t be able to grip the road correctly and it can affect braking distance, speed and steering.

We also can check your tyre pressure to ensure it is the recommended pressure set by your manufacturer. If your tyre pressure is too low or dropping quickly it might be a sign of a puncture – something else that we can repair.

So contact us today and see how we can help with your wheel alignment or tyres.