Car Service in Huddersfield

We carry out car and vehicle servicing on all makes of cars and light commercials

Car Service in Huddersfield Car Service in Huddersfield

At Stephen Byram Motor Engineers, we offer a fully comprehensive car service that you can be 100% satisfied with.

Although car servicing is not a legal requirement, we highly recommend getting your car serviced on a regular basis. Regular servicing can help to identify potential problems with your vehicle, and servicing it at least once a year will make sure that essential checks are carried out. At Stephen Byram Motor Engineers we service critical components such as the braking system, coil springs and suspension to make sure that they don’t let you down when you need them most.

As you use your car more often and the miles begin to clock-up, so does the general wear and tear. Often you won’t notice any change in the feel of the drive as modern cars are so well made, but this can cause a false sense of security that may cause your car to become dangerous or not road-worthy.

When we carry out a car service, we check and replace where necessary:

  • Oil and filters
  • Brake fluid and power steering fluid
  • Anti-freeze and windscreen wash
  • All external and internal lights
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Air filters
  • Spark plugs

We also test and advise of any remedial action required on:

We can combine your car service with your MOT Test, or we can make them 6 months apart to spread costs. Contact us today to see how we can best sort your car requirements.

Our highly professional motor engineers carry out car servicing on all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles

Save money and extend the life of your vehicle with a car service

Not servicing your car each year to try and save money is a false economy. Regular servicing can help to identify issues early that could later become expensive to rectify. For example, if engine oil is not checked and kept to an optimal level (with the correct oil), your engine could seize up costing thousands of pounds to repair or replace. New oil (and also air filters) also make for a smoother drive and a more fuel-efficient car, which can also save money by needing fewer visits to the petrol pump.

The better condition your car is in, the longer it will last. With the cost of new cars, and the depreciation in car value, it is now more common to keep cars for longer – so ensuring that they are running smoothly and safely will keep them operational for much longer.

Having a full car service history is also likely to attract more potential buyers and a higher selling price if you choose to sell or trade in your car.